Happy New Year!! Make a new year resolution to take good care of your auto. Here is a easy fix it yourself tip: Changing Headlight Bulbs Novice mechanics can change their headlight bulbs but accessing the bulbs can be complicated. Once you’ve opened the hood, see if the three-wire plug at the back of the headlight assembly is visible. If not, you’ll have to jack up that side of the vehicle, remove the wheel, and see what’s necessary to loosen the fender panel. (The panel is held in place with fasteners that are unique to each car model.) Once you can reach the headlight plug, remove it by unfastening the clip, screw cap, or plastic catch that holds it in place, and pull out the bulb. After you pull out the bad bulb, be sure to hold the replacement bulb by its plastic housing. Don’t touch the glass, not even with latex gloves. Provided by:

Do I Need a New Battery?

For many of us, we don’t worry about our car battery until it doesn’t start the vehicle….then it’s a major problem, especially if we’re away from home. Wouldn’t it be great if we knew ahead of time that our vehicle battery was on its’ last leg and we were able to replace it before this inconvenience occurred? Today’s vehicles have more electrical components, gadgets and do-dads than ever before. Your battery really has to work hard to keep up with all this new technology. Look at what we have today: power windows, door locks, keyless entry, remote starting, sun roofs, electric seats, seat heaters, sun roofs, etc. Not to mention all the power outlets for our computers, cell phone chargers, DVD players, games for the kids and so on. We also have navigation systems and powerful stereos. Plus, there are all the engine and transmission computers, traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, sensors and on and on. Even the security system is running off the battery while the car is turned off. Today’s vehicles have more computer technology than what took our astronauts to the moon and back! And on top of all this, we have summer heat and winter cold that really takes a toll on battery life. Fortunately, the technology of today also provides us with batteries that are able to meet these strenuous requirements….but even the best grades of batteries will simply wear out over time. Eventually, every battery gets to the point where it cannot hold enough of a charge to start your car. Sometimes batteries need to be replaced because they have developed a leak. Fortunately, most of your local Care Centers can provide the best way to test your battery, your electrical and charging systems and other electrical components in order to recommend whether or not your battery needs to be replaced. After all, you don’t want to purchase a battery, only to find out a little while later that it wasn’t the problem to begin with. Replacement batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Many cars have limited space that requires a specially shaped battery to fit. If your vehicle is equipped with a larger engine, then it will require a more powerful battery to get it started. If you live in a cold climate, you will need a more powerful battery because all engines are harder to start when it is cold. If you do need a battery, they usually come in “good”, “better” and “best” grades. What’s the difference? Well, the more expensive batteries are built with additional capacity, will have a longer warranty and are therefore guaranteed to last longer. As with most things, paying a little more up front saves money in the long run. Provided by the Napa Website.  

It’s All About The Oil

All vehicles need specific oil types depending on the vehicle needs and history; for example, if the car is brand new, some dealers provide free tune-ups, oil change and other low maintenance services covered by the warranty or up to 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. After 40,000 miles Right Solution recommends to have an consultation to find out the if the oil and the condition of the vehicle to either keep the same oil type or upgrade to an oil containing higher viscosity. Right Solution recommends changing the oil around 3,000 – 5,000 miles with normal mineral oil. 5,000 – 10,000 miles to synthetic oil.  We recommend Castrol GPX, it offers superior protection by attracting, capturing and dispersion small particles before they cause major damage to the engine. In addition, Right Solution we advise all our customers to put gasoline with Techron additives to keep the engine at optimum performance and to save money in the long run. If the customer puts “cheap” gas or gas with out Techron to save money at the gas pump the cents that the customer will save, it will be later spent to clean the fuel injection. Techron is an additive that cleans the engine for a better performance, lower emissions and maximum fuel economy. So, is better to spend the extra few cents here and there than spend up to $200 to do a fuel injection service. We advise our customers as I would like to maintain my own car or my wife’s car. At Right Solution we honor our honesty and knowledge because we have passion for what we do.

Intro to Right Solution

Our concept and philosophy at Right Solution Inc. comes from my childhood ideals and beliefs of how a proper mechanical service should be. When I first got my car and took it to a mechanic, I gave him specifics and details on how I wanted to fix my car according to my needs, they would listen to me and the charges were extremely high, but the results were not what I expected, there were no changes or if there was a change was, it was very minimal and not up to part to my needs and desires. As we all know, mechanics overcharge the customers, especially when you want a customize service. At Right Solution Inc. we value our customers needs and desires, whether they are follow ups, maintenance or customize services. We first ask the customer to explain to us how do they drive their car, their preferences whether they would like do work to sell it or for everyday use. We listen and we deliver impeccable results. We treat our customers with respect, like family; we give high quality service at a low price. Whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Subaru, Mini Cooper, VW, Saab or any other vehicle, we prioritize your necessary repairs and work with any budget. We offer a courtesy loaner car with insurance and gas included at no cost to the customer for jobs of 3 hours or more.