Happy New Year!! Make a new year resolution to take good care of your auto. Here is a easy fix it yourself tip: Changing Headlight Bulbs Novice mechanics can change their headlight bulbs but accessing the bulbs can be complicated. Once you’ve opened the hood, see if the three-wire plug at the back of the headlight assembly is visible. If not, you’ll have to jack up that side of the vehicle, remove the wheel, and see what’s necessary to loosen the fender panel. (The panel is held in place with fasteners that are unique to each car model.) Once you can reach the headlight plug, remove it by unfastening the clip, screw cap, or plastic catch that holds it in place, and pull out the bulb. After you pull out the bad bulb, be sure to hold the replacement bulb by its plastic housing. Don’t touch the glass, not even with latex gloves. Provided by:http://ca.autos.yahoo.com/news/10-things-in-your-car-you-didn-t-know-you-could-fix-002623868.html?.tsrc=_voice&page=2

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